The Information Panel displays when a Selection is made using the Selection tools or using a Search.

Layers that are selectable (selection layers) are configured by a system administrator, as not all layers are selectable.

Selection Layers

Under the Selection toolbar is a Layers control which displays the configured selection layers for a module.

If there is a layer missing from the list that users would like to be selectable, contact a system administrator.

A typical example of an Information Panel may look something like this:

Make a selection to display the Information Panel and use the following tools:

Selection Layers

View results from multiple Selection Layers.

    • If multiple selection layers are configured and selected, they will be listed to the left of the Information Panel
    • If a specific Selection Layer was selected from the Layers control in the Selection toolbar, then only that layer will be displayed
    • Users can switch between Selection Layers by clicking them in the left hand list. In this example: Property Boundaries, Parks or Street Trees are the available Selection Layers
    • Collapse the list of Selection Layers by clicking the arrow on the right of the list

Information Panels

Results for a Selection are displayed in the Information Panel and depending on the configuration, within a number of collapsible/expandable information panels.

    • The data will be split into a number of collapsible and expandable information panels depending on what is configured by a system administrator
    • Different queries are used in the configuration to retrieve the data in each of these panels
    • Users can expand or collapse the information in that panel by clicking the heading bar

Multiple Records

View multiple records.

    • In this example, multiple records of parcel information available.
    • Users can navigate through the selections using the Left and Right arrows
    • The Current Selection will be displayed on the map and the details in the Information Panels will update to reflect the new selection

Export to CSV

Export to CSV must be configured and enabled by a system administrator.

    • If enabled, allows an export of the Entire Selection of a layer to a CSV file for viewing in programs such as Excel or for use in a GIS application

Note: not all data fields are exported. The results will depend on the queries configured by a system administrator.

Information List

Info Lists must be configured and enabled by a system administrator.

If enabled, the Info List tool shows all records for the Entire Selection of the selected layer.

    • If many features are selected, this method can be more efficient than navigating through individual records using the navigation arrows
    • Click one of the records in the pop-up window
    • That record will be selected in the Information Panel and the map will display it as the Current Selection

Zoom to Current Selection

Zooms to and centres the map window on the Current Selection.

Zoom to Entire Selection

Zooms to and centres the map window on the Entire Selection so that all selected features are visible.

Cancel Selection

Removes the Selection made and closes the information panel.

This cannot be undone.