What is IntraMaps?

IntraMaps is an easy to use spatial data portal that allows users to access enterprise spatial data through a simple interface in standard web browser. It provides a central location to access integrated spatial data to enable users to make the most informed decision with the latest corporate information. It is quick, intuitive, logical, helpful and works as a tool to help users work faster, giving them the information they need when they need it.

Users can view, search, display, export and print data and maps.

IntraMaps works through a normal browser, meaning users will be provided with a URL and will be able to save IntraMaps as a bookmark in their preferred browser.

IntraMaps is designed to be utilised by users all through an organisation, so there is no need for formal training to be able to use it. It is highly customisable and is configured and maintained by an internal staff member or system administrator. If users find something missing from IntraMaps, data isn't being returned as expected, or if they'd like a new print template configured, contact a system administrator.

IntraMaps is an ever-evolving project and user feedback is a huge driving force behind what features and functions are implemented in future versions as well as how the current features and functions can be improved. Users of any kind, from any background, are a crucial part in making IntraMaps work even better for their organisation in the future.