The Title Bar contains a number of functions, the default ones of which are generally: Print, Legend, Settings, Tooltip and Help.


The Print option from the Title Bar works in the same manner as the Print function from the Export Toolbar.

See Print under Application > Toolbars > Export for more information.


The Legend tool will display a pop-up legend which displays only Visible Layers.

See Layers under Application > Sidebar for more information.


Various functions including:

    • View account details and log out options
    • Toggle start options such as Modules and Views
    • Save changes made to Layers
    • Reorder Modules and Search Forms
    • Toggle Touch Mode on/off depending on the type of device being used


Tooltip and Feature Outlines.

    • Show Tooltips: if configured and enabled, users can hover their cursor over a feature and a tooltip will display data that would also display in the Information Panel if a selection were made
    • Show Feature Outlines: when enabled, users can hover their cursor over a feature and a blue line will display around the feature that is hovered over


IntraMaps Help and About information.

    • Help: users can either navigate the hierarchy from the Contents tab or search for a term in the Search tab to find help and assistance
    • About: view the details and information around the current version of IntraMaps